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Waiting... Movie Review

Waiting… Movie Review: Are You

Comfortable With Frontal Male Nudity?


In Rob McKittrick’s writing and directorial debut, “Waiting…” he attempts to scar you for life and make you never want to eat in a restaurant again…while trying to make you laugh. That’s the hard part, when your entire 93-minute movie takes place in a fairly plot-less day at the chain restaurant, Shenaigan’s. In fact, the lack of a plot is what makes the movie one running joke with a couple gags along the way. “Waiting…” is just what the title of the movie does, makes you wait…and wait…and wait…for the next zinger rather than constantly delivering the funnies.

Behind the camera, Rob McKittrick doesn’t do terribly. Everything is clear and shown as it should, though there are some times where he tries to give the movie a cooler look by having close-ups of the drug use and fast motion during the day, as if to say, “Hey! Look what I can do! Isn’t that cool?” Something along the lines of what your little brother would do if he wanted to make a film and had some camera skill.

The real trouble with “Waiting…” is in the script. “Waiting…” is a real guy’s movie, as the first fifteen or so minutes are nothing but a running penis joke, and nothing else. Later on, when the employees begin to show their true colors, and when the customers begin to come in to Shenanigan’s, is when other gags are included but it comes down to simple filler for the next penis joke. Along with it, Rob McKittrick includes the stuff that those ten ten-to-twelve-year-olds who finally start to notice that cursing is funny will love. He does this with substantial and repeated use of the words f***, s***, b*******, c***, b****, a**, a******, p****, v*****, b****, n***, and j******. Other than that, there is a lot that Rob writes down on the page that simply fails to become funny once it hits the screen, and that you notice.

What holds this movie together is the various actors in “Waiting…” Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder) has his excellent style of delivering lines with such ease, and as he did in Van Wilder, he as his charter, the waiter Monty, embodies the whole sex-driven, macho, “knows what’s what” kind of guy. Although later in the movie he becomes less involved when the rest of the cast is getting their moments, his lines are many of “Waiting…”’s quotables. If there is one cast member who steals Ryan Reynold’s thunder, it is probably Luis Guzman, who has a good plenty amount of small roles in movies like Anger Management, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Boogie Nights. A cook at the restaurant, Guzman’s character Raddimus gets some laughs with his antics with the food, but even more for his involvement in the running penis joke that he helps start in the beginning of the movie. He balances this while trying to avoid telling his girlfriend that all he wants out of their relationship is sex. Another cook who name is Floyd, played by Dane Cook, has his fair share of laughs with his lack of care or respect as to what is going into the customer’s mouth. Waiters Anna Faris (Scary Movie), Justin Long (Dodgeball), and Alanna Ubach, as a waiter with serious anger management problems, as well as Andy Milonakis and Max Kasch who play wigger bus-boys help make up a generally funny cast that without would make this Rob McKittrick’s first film a complete failure.

When it comes down to it, “Waiting…” is really not going to find a big audience, as one could tell by its $6.02 million opening day figures. Rob McKittrick doesn’t do the greatest job either with the pen or behind the camera and his R-rated comedy is worse than this summer’s two previous R-Rated blockbuster comedies, “The Wedding Crashers,” and, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” The cast saves this and the viewer might be able to come away with a few quotables but with awards season coming up, and good DVD releases with it, there are much better options. “Waiting…” gets 4 out of 10.

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