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For some of the best random photos, scroll down. If not, then click one of the links below.

Hanging Out Photos (coming soon) - Phone Photos (coming soon) - Fun Photos


Cartoon Me

I like this picture a lot. I took it with my phone late at night and then used Verizon's PIX Place to cartoonize it and vuala (spelling has to be wrong on that). I like the detail, especially the nose.


Me and My Clone at Edgewater

Okay fine, I might have done a little modelling on the side, but told me that they would print these adds in Jersey. Whatever, still fun.


Special Me

I need a new helmet for my mini motorcycle. Me and Barak were hanging out in the Palisades Mall and went into Sports Authority. I put on the first helmet I could find and, well, don't I look special?


It's as Zach as the Nose on Plain's Face

Is it me, or is this the most plain-looking picture ever? Seriously, I could just blend in with the environment here.

Brought to you by The Fro Man Shevs