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ZOWOT's past happenings.

4/19/06 - I added three more movie reviews. Inside Man, 16 Blocks, and The Benchwarmers. Can't do much now.
4/15/06 - I made a couple changes to the Every Movie I've Ever Seen list and My Favorite 100 Movies page but I made a lot of changes to the Random Things page, and will be continuing to change it. Look for a new blog before the weekend's over. Happy Passover, Good Friday, and Easter.
4/10/06 - It's been a while, I've been busy (yes, you can get busy on Spring Break). I put a new blog up and updated the Every Movie I've Ever Seen list. I'll try to update on the long weekend up ahead but no garuntees.
3/26/06 - I added all seven of my Spectrum articles to the Writing page and I have seen a few more movies so the Every Movie I've Ever Seen page is updated too. I'm working hard on a few more movie reviews which I should finish before the day is over so look for them on the Movies Page. Also, my official Oscar 2007 April predictions will be up soon. See y'all some time soon.
3/20/06 - I saw a couple more movies so Movies Seen is longer, and has some more movie comments, too. I also just created My 100 Favorite Movies page, which I will update if something new cracks the top 100. If I get bored, I might do it by preferance order but for now it's alphabetical. When I decide to not be lazy I'll put all of my new Spectrum articles on the website as well as a new blog. It's spring break so expect those updates plus some more to the Random Things page.
3/13/06 - I watched a few more movies and then wrote up short responses for another 25 movies (now I'm up to 150). I've also got a new blog up on the Web Log. The newest editions are going to be to About Me, Movies Page, Random Things, and Writing.
3/11/06 - I've added a lot of things to the Random Things page and am still working on it. Look at the Writing page because there's a new Metrofanatic editorial up and I'm working on another new one which should be done before the end of the month. Also, the new Spectrum comes out on Monday so I'll be adding seven new articles. I'm working on a few more articles so that'll continue to be updated. I hope to add a new entry into the Web Log but I've had trouble getting started. Whatever, hang out.
3/8/06 - There have been changes to the About Me and Random Things sections and I added my new Metrofanatic editorial to the Writing section. Also, in the Movies Page there are four new movie reviews, all from Spectrum, which should be published soon. Look for a few more additions to the Writing page within the next couple weeks.
3/6/06 - I changed the Award/Predictions Page to Movies Page, so it has three Oscar articles (with a fourth to come pretty soon) and one movie review (with four more to come before the end of next week). Also check the same page for the 20 movies I think are most likely to have 2007 Oscar success.
3/2/06 - My official 2006 Oscar Winner Predictions are up. I have a good feeling about my picks this year. The Oscars are this Sunday. Check the Movies Seen list for updates, too.
2/28/06 - I added the Awards/Predictions page, which right now is all about the Oscars (which are this Sunday). I'll figure out more uses of the page. Look for more updates to the sub-pages of the About Me page and the Random Things page. Photos could come, too, if I decide to not be lazy.
2/25/06 - I'm not going to go into detail with what I've done but if you go to About Me or any of the three (I removed one) links that are about me you'll notice changes (you may not notice them, but they're there). I'm probably going to have a lazy weekend so expect a couple more changes before the weekend is over.
2/22/06 - I finally, finally, finally added a new blog. I also did a little work on the movies I've seen list. Also, I finally opened the songs I like page, but it's only a short list. I'll keep working on it but the progress will likely be slow. Expect there to be a good amount of additional additions soon.
2/17/06 - I finally got around to adding some (15) photos today. There are more coming, but I will be away so don't expect them right away. Adios
2/16/06 - I still haven't gotten around to adding that new blog but I suspect I will do so in the coming week or so. Since I last updated I have seen four movies (The Fugitive, Kinsey, Being John Malkovich, and The Talented Mr. Ripley) and that is evident in my movies seen list. I now have comments on 100 of the 413 movies. Go out and have a ball.
2/12/06 - I added descriptions to 25 more movies in the movies I've seen list. I'll probably do more before the day's end. I've wanting to add a new blog.
2/9/06 - I added a list of all (or at least most of) the movies I've ever seen. You can click here to get to it, and normally it will be accessible from the About Me page. I mention a little bit about each movie. However, this is a list of 409 movies, so it will take some time for me to finish the list. I've done 50 so far. Also, I have some interesting photos on my phone that I would really like to put up so if I figure out how to email them to myself, I'll be sure to put them up. In addition, the people at Spectrum are (not) hard at work to get the next issue out so I imagine sometime before I graduate I'll have seven (which might be some kind of record) more articles to share with you. In the mean time, I've been working on eleven more for the next issue, and depending on how much I decide to work on them and how much time I have, you'll get a lot more. I'd guess I'll finish about five, but who knows?
1/31/06 - Once again sorry that it has been so long but things have been very active in Zach land. For some reason the website did not update my last blog entry so for your patience, you get two blogs. Don't you feel special?
1/11/06 - Sorry it has been a while since I last updated but for all, I have a short new WebLog. Like it or leave. But don't, please.
12/30/05 - New Web Log entry, more Random Things and About Me. Got to go, mom's upset.
12/24/05 - Happy haps to all at this marvelous time. I have added a new entry to the Web Log and Random Things, as well as edited the About Me page a bit.
12/17/05 - I added some more stuff to the random stuff page, including A LOT of Zach Galifiankis quotes. He's really funny...okay.
12/16/05 - 2nd entry in the web log is complete. Now that we're on winter vacation I'll probably work on the site in my free time, so expect some more updates. Also, the song list is huge and I doubt I'll finish it for a while so all none of you that are anticipating its release, don't.
12/14/05 - Just finished my first entry into the "Web Log." Read it if you want to, don't if you don't. With vacation coming up I'll probably find time to add more stuff. Keep hanging around..
12/9/05 - I just added the "Random Things" page, it's just some random things, nothing special. I'm still working on the song list, but it's reeeeeally long so it should take some more time.
11/12/05 - Added some stuff about me to the "About Me" section. It's actually about my parents but whatever. I'm working on getting a list of the songs I like as well as maybe a couple more movies to the descriptions list.
10/22/05 - Go to the "About Me" page to find a link to my descriptions of the best movies. Its under the movies section of my favorites, on the right. I've only done four movies thus far (The Usual Suspects, Memento, Donnie Darko, and The Shawshank Redemption) but I'll try to keep them coming in the coming days and weeks and months or whatever.

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