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Movies Seen With Notes

Every movie I've ever seen ever...except the ones I've forgotten.
With Notes - Without Notes

  1. 101 Dalmatians (1961) - Name a kid who didn't see the animated version of 101 Dalmatians as a kid and I'll name you a deprived child.
  2. 101 Dalmatians (1996) - Glenn Close really annoyed me as Cruella de Vill...I didn't like this too much as a kid.
  3. 102 Dalmatians - I didn't like the first live-action one, and sequels usually are a lot worse. This is one of those.
  4. 12 Angry Men - I fell in love with the Broadway play so I needed to see the movie version. Despite my DVD skipping a bit, it was still amazing. One of my favorite movies ever.
  5. 12 Monkeys - Great film, Bruce Willis gives an underrated performance and Brad Pitt proves he's actually a good actor.
  6. 13 Going on 30 - Stupid...thank god for in-flight movies or else Marian would've forced me to watch the DVD of this. I hate this sentimental, everything has to be perfect crap comedies.
  7. 16 Blocks - Pretty good action/thriller that was pretty funny, too. Mos Def is an extremely underrated actor and if this movie was released later in the year rather than in March I wouldn't be surprised to see him get some buzz for Best Supporting Actor Oscar, although he would probably not get nominated.
  8. 2 Fast 2 Furious - Just trying to make more money out of the Fast and Furious maddness. I didn't see the first, but this was just plain average at best so I'm not too anxious to see the first.
  9. 21 Grams - Interesting. Definently not for everyone but for people who want to see something good that's kind of a downer, this is a very good choice.
  10. 3 Iron - Strange...very strange. For anyone who wants to see something good but very different, this Korean
  11. 40 Days and 40 Nights - I saw this at Kyle's house with the guys a few years back. It was bad. Really bad.
  12. 40 Year Old Virgin - I think this was really overrated. Yes, the chest waxing scene was priceless but there were about two or three okay lines the rest of the way through. Plus, the ending was the worst I've seen since...Anchorman. I saw this one with Barak and Dave at Closter, Barak loved it but Dave was drawing in his pad the whole way through.
  13. 50 First Dates - Okay for an in-flight movie, but it wasn't great execution of a good idea.
  14. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - Jim Carrey being Jim was really funny.
  15. Adaptation. - One of the most brilliant scripts I've ever read. When it was translated into a movie it wasn't as great but it was still amazing.
  16. Adventure of Pluto Nash, The - HBO...half of the stuff they have is great...but half of the stuff they have is absolute crap. This goes under the crap file.
  17. After the Sunset - A really bad in-flight movie. Inconsistent and stupid.
  18. Air Bud - The first time I saw this was at my aunt Krysia's house when it was first on VHS. Me, being a kid, loved every minute of it. Then I saw a re-run on ABC Family when I was older...that's why they make these movies for sappy.
  19. Air Bud: Golden Receiver - I think I saw this with Karen and Sarah at LBI when we were really young. Like the original, I loved it, but I haven't seen it since.
  20. Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch - Little cousins forced me to watch this, I outgrew Air Bud by then.
  21. Air Bud: World Pup - First Air Bud that I saw when I was too old to see Air Bud. Little cousins make you do crazy things.
  22. Airheads - Josh had this on DVD and I thought it was awsome. I still like it a lot, although I recognize it's not so good.
  23. Along Came Polly - Why Ben, why? Ben Stiller should find good movies to do rather than just things that put him in situations that make him be tortured in mildly funny ways. My mom and I shared this sorrowful film on HBO.
  24. Amadeus - Dave, his dad, Will, and maybe someone else saw this on DVD at Dave's house. It was amazing. One of my favorite films of all time, although I think the Director's Cut isn't quite as good as the original cut, as the Director's Cut legnthens this and makes it a little slower.
  25. American Beauty - Got this from Blockbuster and I liked it, didn't love it but I thought it was very good. Kevin Spacey is the man.
  26. American History X - Amazing film, more of Edward Norton being a great actor. Uncomfortable subject matter but it was a great movie.
  27. American Pie - The first dose of the Sitffmiester (sp?) was probably the best. It was good, but that's all.
  28. American Pie 2 - Might've been just as good as the first, but no better. Once again, good, not great.
  29. American Splendor - The first Best Actor snub for Paul Giammatti was pretty good. Had some great moments but wasn't great.
  30. American Wedding - The worst of the three gave us a change to say goodbye to some awsome characters. Sean William Scott has yet to do something good since.
  31. Anaconda - I saw this when I was like six or seven at Mark's house and it scared me more than I ever had been at that point. I haven't seen it since but I'm sure it was no good.
  32. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy - Really funny, Will Ferell's the man (and Steve Carrell is even better), but c'mon, Judd Apatow can't write an ending. He really can't.
  33. Anger Management - Jack meets Adam, it was hilarious no matter what you say. I saw it with Hiro and my Dad at Edgewater when Hiro and I were trying to do an "Unofficial Sunday Night Movie Club" with anybody who wanted to join in. Fun times.
  34. Annie Hall - Probably Woody Allen's most famous...I didn't love it. There were some good parts but it just didn't hit me.
  35. Antz - Honestly, I don't even remember this.
  36. Anything Else - Wasn't good but the scene where Woody Allen tries to bust in the guy's windshield is priceless. I fell out of my chair watching this on HBO.
  37. Are We There Yet? - Sappy junk that Ice Cube was probably in just for the paycheck. I think I chuckled once, but it was probably at the corniness of the whole thing.
  38. Aristocats - Probably my favorite animated film from my youth, I watched it countless times with Sarah and Karen. We used to quote every line but sadly, I don't think I remember any of it.
  39. Assassination of Richard Nixon, The - Sean Penn is an amazing actor and this was a pretty good movie but nothing great. I like certain ideas it used but it wasn't great.
  40. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - The first of the three AP movies, Mike Myers shows he's a comedic genius. I'm pretty sure Mark, Jai, and I were browsing West Coast Video when we came upon this and Mark said it was awsome. But we were young and I thought it was kind of odd. I like it more now.
  41. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - My favorite of the three, see above.
  42. Austin Powers in Goldmember - The worst of the three, the only one I saw in theaters, even though it was the worst of them I'd still like to see what more Mike Myers can bring with Austin in a fourth. 
  43. Aviator, The - A little slow but it's a shame that Leo was in this the same year JF was in Ray because Leo deserved an Oscar, just not as much as Jamie.
  44. Bad Boys - I actually disliked the original, but then again the second was awsome and I saw that one first.
  45. Bad Boys II - I saw this in theaters with Jai and I think Kyle and Barak might of been there. All I remember is that Morgan and Casey were in the theater and it was at the time that there was something going on between either Morgan and Kyle or Morgan and was awkward.
  46. Bad Company - I saw this at some hotel with my parents, I didn't like it. I don't remember too much of it, just that it was pretty bad.
  47. Bad Santa - I saw this at like 5 in the morning pulling an all-nighter. It was pretty good but had the potential to be soooo much better.
  48. Batman Begins - I kept trying to watch this on my laptop in bed but for three nights I either fell asleep or my laptop spazzed and turned off. I finally finished it and I think it is the best Superhero movie I've ever seen. I was at Hassan's hosue soon after and we decided to watch it at like 4 in the morning. I fell asleep during that showing, too.
  49. Battle of Shaker Heights, The - I saw this with Barak and maybe Shir, too. It was okay but it sort of just ended rather than culminating to something good. Shia LaBeouf is awsome though.
  50. Be Cool - In-flight movie, and an average one at best. Don't remember too much of it, just that Vince Vaughn is the man and that Cedric the Entertainer really needs to do better movies.
  51. Beautiful Mind, A - I saw this with my parents and I don't really remember anything other than liking it. I have it on DVD so I should watch it again soon.
  52. Behind Enemy Lines - Saw it as an inflight movie a few times (I don't know how or why) but I really enjoyed it. It has been a while since I've seen it but I think I should pick it up. Owen Wilson should  try some more dramatic acting.
  53. Being John Malkovich - I rented this from Blockbuster and thought it was really cool but a little odd. Definently not what I thought. Charlie Kaufman is definently one of the best screenwriters working today.
  54. Being There - Really stranger, Peter Sellers was awsome in it, but it was very, very strange.
  55. The Benchwarmers - Bad. There were a couple chuckles but no real belly laughs. And as someone who looks at himself as a heterosexual male, the overuse of gay jokes really offended me.
  56. Bend it Like Beckham - I saw it with Barak at his house...I didn't like it. What bothered me was all the people claiming how great at soccer everybody in the movie was, when they don't realize how much better the good people are. Whatever, I'll go into a soccer rant on another occasion.
  57. Beyond the Sea - Kevin Spacey's debut as a writer, his second endeavour into directing was cool, a bit odd though. I thought the idea of having Bobby Darin tell Bobby Darin's story (leaving some out, exaggerating some) was very cool, but it didn't translate into the best movie. Just an average one.
  58. Bicentennial Man - I saw this a while ago. It might of been with my parents, it might have been with Mark I remember kind of enjoying it but thinking it was kind of slow. I don't remember a lot of it though.
  59. Big Bounce, The - If this weren't an HBO movie I would've been pissed, 'cause this was awful. One of my least favorite movies...ever.
  60. Big Daddy - Adam Sandler's awsome, and this is one of his better movies. I still don't have this over a lot of his other movies, although I do put this above Mr. Deeds and all his moveis that I don't like.
  61. Big Fat Liar - Good family channel movie, bad movie otherwise. And Frankie Muniz pisses me off for some reason.
  62. Big Fish - Brilliant script by John August, really cool direction by Tim Burton, and great acting. I almost didn't see this just because the name "Big Fish" sounds really stupid but it's one of my favorite movies ever. One of the few movies that made me cry.
  63. Big Green, The - I don't remember anything about this movie other than the chubby goalie and the green goat, but I remember being obsessed with it as a kid.
  64. Big Lebowski, The - An odd movie, different, but awsome. I had to steal Jai's DVD to see it and I still have yet to see the movie from beginning to end, but I have seen it all. A little above average.
  65. Billy Madison - One of my top three Adam Sandler films, Mark turned me onto this when we were little. I have managed to see this on TBS or some channel about once a year since.
  66. Biker Boyz - A sad effort to advantage of The Fast and the Furious, it was terrible. Barak liked the part where the guy on the mini-bike drove by, but to only like three seconds of a movie means it sucks.
  67. Black Knight - Dave showed me this one night at his house. Martin Lawrence is really funny, and I think I kind of liked this but it wasn't great.
  68. Bottle Rocket - I didn't like all. Sure, there were a couple funny moments but overall it was just a boring film. Glad it was short.
  69. Bourne Identity, The - Matt Damon owns people in the first installment of this awsome movie. It wasn't the best but enjoyable, although a little weird with my parents.
  70. Bourne Supremacy, The - Saw this with Jai and my parents (although they sat in a different part of the packed Edgewater theater). Better than the first if only for the massive owning, but the handheld camera made it worse.
  71. Bring It On - Mark wanted to rent this once, I didn't like it but it was a while ago so I don't really remember.
  72. Bringing Down the House - Steve Martin is awsome, especially at the end. However, it's not very funny. This was another in a long list of recent bad Steve Martin movies.
  73. Broken Flowers - Bill Murray gives yet another subtly brilliant performance (the type that should get him an Oscar) in this nice, but incomplete, indie.
  74. Bruce Almighty - My favorite Jim Carrey comedy if you exclude Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind since that's a dramedy and isn't Jim Carrey's uniqueness. I wish I had a chance to be god...that would be fun.
  75. Bulletproof - Bad Adam Sandler/Damon Wayans movie that I don't remember much of...other than wanting my rental money back.
  76. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - A little slow at times but some really memorable moments. Paul Newman and Robert Redford are awesome.
  77. Butterfly Effect, The - I caught this on one of the Starz networks at like...3:30 in the morning. It's really good, although depressingly bittersweet (especially the Director's Cut). Ashton Kutcher is actually a pretty good actor. Plus, I had to hug my dog afterwards (you'll understand if you see the movie).
  78. Cable Guy, The - I thought it was a great dark comedy, and Jim Carrey was awsome in it. Plus Matthew Broderick and a small part for Ben Stiller. It was good.
  79. Capote - I saw this in Edgewater with my parents. The three of us made up 60% of the people there. Regardless, it was a really good movie with great acting and it was a shame that more people weren't there.
  80. Castaway - Kyle and I saw this in some theater and it was good, but I hated how they only showed his first few moments on the island, and then just skipped four years into the future. Still a good movie.
  81. Cat in the Hat, The - I didn't think this was that bad...that said, it wasn't good. Mike Myers is awsome but still, it just wasn't right.
  82. Catch Me If You Can - Great movie with a great ensemble behind it. Features my favorite song selection in a movie ever at the scene where Leo's character is looking into the house.
  83. Cats Don't Dance - I was addicted to this as a kid but I have a feeling I wouldn't like it so much nowadays.
  84. Catwoman - Terrible and terribly corny too, didn't even deserve to be on HBO.
  85. Cellular - I thought this would just be some stupid "Phonebooth" copycat but it wasn't. It was really good and further proves that Chris Evans is the man.
  86. Celtic Pride - For some reason I enjoyed it, although I recognized it was really bad. Damon Wayans is my second favorite Wayans brother (next to Marlon).
  87. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I am a big fan of the Tim Burton update of this Roald Dahl classic. I saw it in the Palisades Mall with Andy, Will, and Dave, and we all thought it was great (although Andy tried to pretend he disliked it 'cause Randi didn't like it). 
  88. Charlie’s Angels - Cheesy in-flight movie I caught once.
  89. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throtle - See above.
  90. Chasing Amy - My second favorite Kevin Smith film, and I don't know why but it's the non-straight comedy Kevin Smith films that I like the best.
  91. Cheaper By the Dozen - I saw an advanced screening of this in Edgewater with my parents, Barak, Shir, and Tzipi. Steve Martin's awsome but he's got to stop doing family movies.
  92. Cheats - Josh turned me and "the guys" on to this movie at Kyle's house. I think it's a really underrated funny movie. My favorite high-school film of all-time.
  93. Chicken Run - I saw this a couple times in theaters but the only thing I remember (other than the scene where there's a shadow of a chicken's head getting cut off) is that one time when I went to see it with Krysia there was no one else in the theater so since I was a kid, an employee took me to the projection room. It was awsome.
  94. Chumscrubber - I rented this one from Blockbuster and from the trailer I thought it would be good to decent. Unfortunately it tried way too hard to be an accurate depiction of teenagers while meshing with unrealistic elements and it just didn't work well.
  95. Cidade de Deus (City of God) - One of my favorite films ever, definently in my top ten. One of the Starz networks had this on around 3:45 in the morning but thanks to the power of TiVo I was able to catch this great film and am very happy I got the chance to.
  96. Cinderella Man - I saw this in Attitash with my parents, Sarah, and Matt's dad while we were waiting for dinner. It was very good and one of my favorites of the year. Probably would have gotten a handful of Oscar nominations had the release date been around the Awards season.
  97. Cinderella Story, A - This film makes me want to slaughter kittens...brutally. Rarely is there a film that is cheesier than this garbage and I hope everyone invovled with it has some bad karma heading their way. Glad this was only a HBO showing for me on a bored night.
  98. Citizen Kane - This is hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time but quite honestly I didn't see too much in it when I got it from Blockbuster. I enjoyed it, yes, thought some of it was very good, but the ending was a real let down and the whole thing went by pretty slow.
  99. Clockstoppers - I only remember bits and pieces from this movie, but I mainly remember that there were a lot of flaws involving the time traveling/super speed ideas. I think I might've seen this on some BEDE school friend's birthday.
  100. Closer - I disliked this, thought it was boring and stupid. The "twist" ending was just pointless. This is what HBO on Demand is for, watching bad movies when you have nothing better to do at 3 in the morning.
  101. Cold Mountain - I couldn't really get interested in this movie and thought it was average. Took me a long time to finish this with my TiVo.
  102. Collateral - I've seen this a few times, twice in theaters with my dad and Matt's dad, and my mom and Krysia, as well as a few times on DVD and on HBO. Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx were great in this very underrated movie. Michael Mann's a really good director, too.
  103. Comedian - I borrowed Sarah's DVD and I loved this documentary. It was really funny but the serious stuff was good, too. Jerry Seinfeld is awsome.
  104. Coneheads - Great cast were part of a no so good movie that I caught on HBO. That's all I remember.
  105. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - This was a really cool movie that I rented from Blockbuster. Sam Rockwell's a really underrated actor. George Clooney's also a good director. Plus, Charlie Kaufman may be the best writer of recent.
  106. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - I feel pretty much the same way about this movie as I do about A Cinderella Story, though if I must pick between the two (and jumping off a bridge isn't an option) I'd have to go with this one.
  107. Confidence - Awsome "Usual Suspects" wannabee. I liked it a lot and thought it is a bit underrated. Dustin Hoffman should have gotten an Oscar nomination for this, but nothing else in this film is worthy of that honor. Thanks to Jai for turning me on to this movie.
  108. Constant Gardener, The - While the guys went to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose, I went to this with Jason's dad. I didn't really understand some of it, but the acting was phenominal (and I thought Ralph Fiennes was even better than Rachel Weisz). Plus Fernando Meirelles is one of my favorite directors.
  109. Constantine - I actually thought this was pretty good, although the premise should have resulted in a better movie. I guess that's why it was an in-flight movie.
  110. Cool Runnings - I love this movie. It's not great, yeah, but it's enjoyable and so much fun to watch every time. I must have seen it twenty or more times. Doug E. Doug should get more work.
  111. Corky Romano - I thought it was stupid, but I don't remember much more than seeing it on Comedy Central.
  112. Cradle 2 the Grave - I saw this with Kevin and maybe Max and Hiro in Edgewater. It was pretty fun but nothing great. Respect.
  113. Crash - Beautiful film on racism, although I believe it is about people even more than it is about racism. A near perfect movie with great pacing.
  114. Crocodile Hunter: Collision Coarse - All I remember was that there were some crocodiles...whatever happened to this Steve Irwin? He was awsome.
  115. Daddy Day Care - Eddie Murphy needs to start making better movies, and that will probably start with him not making bad kid movies that end up being on the Starz network every other day.
  116. Daredevil - I actually liked this, I think this is one of the better superhero movies, although not as good as the Sin City, Spider-Man movies and Batman Begins.
  117. Day After Tomorrow, The - A lot of people thought this was really bad but I enjoyed it. Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal are awsome.
  118. Death to Smoochy - Amazing idea that turned into an above average movie. I really like Robin Williams, Edward Norton, and Catherine Keener, although the guy who plays Spinner Dunn steals the movie.
  119. Deconstructing Harry - My favorite Woody Allen comedy, although as far as all his movies go I prefer Match Point, this was a really cool movies with a lot of famous people. Even Jennifer Garner is in this, although it is as "The Woman in the Elevator." This was before she became famous.
  120. Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star - David Spade hasn't been in a really good movie since Chris Farley died, but other than the Emporer's New Groove, this was probably his best.
  121. Die Another Day - The only James Bond movie I've seen, saw with Kyle, Jai, and my parents in Edgewater. It was LOUD. Not too good though.
  122. Doctor Doolittle - I remember this movie being a lot of fun as a kid but I haven't seen it in a long time.
  123. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - One of my favorite blockbuster comedies had two of my favorite comedians in Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller. Jason Bateman's character was hysterical and the cameo from Lance Armstrong was priceless.
  124. Dogma - My favorite Kevin Smith movie is his most well-thought out and it is very clever and interesting. The cast is excellent.
  125. Domino - Richard Kelly wrote an awsome script which is different and Tony Scott directed it very well, he is one of my favorite directors. The cast was really good, too. I thought it was unfairly recieved negatively.
  126. Donnie Darko - My third favorite movie was written and directed by Richard Kelly. It was very interesting and had some very great dialouge. A creative story acted out by a great cast, excellent film.
  127. Dr. Doolittle 2 - I remember liking this one more than the original, if only for the Steve Irwin cameo near the beginning.
  128. Dr. Strangelove: or how I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - This is deamed as one of the greatest movies of all-time, however I don't completely get it. Some moments are priceless, but I don't see anything good about this beyond Peter Sellers and the bomb.
  129. Drumline - Nick Cannon really entertains me, I don't know why, but he is a fun guy to watch, even in a movie that is just plain average.
  130. Duck Soup - My second favorite Marx brothers movie (and my favorite with Zeppo).
  131. Dude, Where’s My Car? - A fun stoner movie but nothing else. Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott were made to be im movies like this.
  132. Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd - I saw this with Jai and Kyle a while back but it was awful and very forgettable.
  133. Duplex - A bad Ben Stiller movie, and I don't like Drew Barrymore.
  134. Ed Wood - I like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and thought this movie had one of the more interesting premises, however I had trouble enjoying it.
  135. Edward Scissorhands - Johnny Depp is subtly brilliant here. The movie is good too but it struggles from being fairly plotless. The whole scissorhands begins to feel a bit like a gimmic. Still really good thought.
  136. Eight Crazy Nights - I saw it on HBO one day and hated it. It's my least favorite Adam Sandler movie (although I have yet to see Going Overboard).
  137. Elf - I enjoyed this movie a lot, it's my favorite Christmas movie. I think this could have been much better if it delved into its blackness more but it was very good as is, although it got very routine and cheesy toward the end.
  138. Emperor’s New Groove, The - One of my favorite Disney animated movies, I think I could still enjoy it now if only for the great voice acting.
  139. Envy - Yet another bad Ben Stiller movie when he was in a slump. It's a shame that the teaming of Ben and Jack Black couldn't be better, although they had their moments in this movie.
  140. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Charlie Kaufman is my favorite screenwriter of today and with great direction from Michael Gondry plus a great cast with underrated performances from Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, Kirsten Dunst, and Elijah Wood, one of my favorite films of all-time.
  141. Eulogy - I thought it was a great idea that shown at times but overall got boring and uninteresting. Really good cast, though.
  142. Eurotrip - One of my favorite R-rated comedies, though it wasn't outstanding. "Scotty Doesn't Know" made the movie much, much better.
  143. Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story - I love Family Guy but this felt like a bad episode stretch thin into a 90-minute movie.
  144. Family Man, The - I don't remember much about this movie but I do remember liking it. Nicolas Cage is a great actor.
  145. Fantasia - I don't remember this at all, I just remember seeing it.
  146. Fat Albert - A bad in-flight movie. A shame, 'cause Bill Cosby is awsome and so is Kenan Thompson.
  147. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Matt showed me and Alex this in Florida and I didn't really get it. It was just stupid and confusing to me. The acting was top notch, though. Both Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro are awsome actors.
  148. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Not an outstanding movie but hey, it's a classic. There were some really cool moments and Matthew Broderick is awsome.
  149. Fever Pitch - I originally planned on boycotting this movie because it was a rip-off of a soccer book and then a soccer movie. However, I was bored and it was on TV so I watched it...and enjoyed it. Jimmy Fallon is funny, although he smiles too much, and with the Farrelly brothers at the helms it was a good movie.
  150. Fight Club - I stole this from Jai and thought it was really cool. The way this was made was awsome and different. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are both really underrated actors.
  151. Finding Forrester - I saw this movie and it was interesting but pretty slow and at times boring. The acting was good.
  152. Finding Nemo - A really good animated movie, Ellen DeGeneres was awsome. There were some really funny moments.
  153. Finding Neverland - A really good movie with great acting. I wish it delved more into the imaginative mind of J.M. Barrie but it was still great. I had tears in my eyes at the end.
  154. Firewall - Not a bad movie by any means but it was a cheap knock off of Patriot Games. Even Harrison Ford's name is Jack in both movies.
  155. Forgotten, The - Bad movie with a really a dumb ending. I saw it at Closter with Stacy, Elyssa, and two other people.
  156. Forrest Gump - Really good movie and Tom Hanks is the man. The parts with the presidents is great.
  157. Fox and the Hound, The - This was one of my favorite animated Disney movies as a kid but I haven't seen it for years.
  158. Freaky Friday (2003) - Stupid. I hate movies like these.
  159. Friday Night Lights - This might be my favorite sports movie of all-time. The acting, writing, and direction are all great. I cried and this movie always makes me feel like shit when I watch it.
  160. From Justin to Kelly - Stupid. At least there were good voices but nothing else.
  161. Fugitive, The - One of my dad's favorite films of all-time, when he told me to watch it, I was hesitant because he tends to like some average action films, but this was great. Although I think the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Tommy Lee was kind of uncalled for.
  162. Garden State - Beautiful written, directed, and starring one of my favs (Zach Braff). The movie is funny but the dramatic portions of the film are quality as well. I love this movie.
  163. Garfield: The Movie - A shame Bill Murray lent his voice to such a crappy film. I like the old Garfield comics and cartoons but this was terrrible.
  164. Get Rich or Die Tryin’ - Read the review! The best line from it is "as Get Rich or Die Trying nears its end, it is almost as if the filmmakers said to themselves “We’re already running two hours long, how are we supposed to keep our audience interested?” and then, so fast it could just be a photomontage, ends what should have been another hour of the movie in fifteen minutes." Watch Hustle & Flow instead of this.
  165. Girl Next Door, The - It wishes it was Risky's not.
  166. Godfather, The - Great film, manages to pace itself well and is expertly made.
  167. Godfather Part II, The - I didn't like it nearly as much as I enjoyed the first, but it was good too.
  168. Godfather Part III, The - I almost liked it as much as the first, and I liked it more than the second. It was the only of the three to make me cry.
  169. Gone in Sixty Seconds - When I first saw this I thought it was Grand Theft Auto: The Movie. It was okay, but not great.
  170. Good Burger - Kenan and Kel at their best...unfortunately, it's not very good.
  171. Good Morning, Vietnam - Robin Williams gives an insanely underrated performance and although the film is a little slow, there are some classic moments.
  172. Good Night, and Good Luck - I just didn't get most of it. What I did get from it was that is had great direction and art direction, as well as some very good moments.
  173. Good Will Hunting - With a script as good as this one, it's a shame Matt and Ben don't write more. Maybe it could help Ben's career. Regardless, the acting was great, although the movie itself tended to not do much.
  174. Graduate, The - I didn't see why so many people love, but Dustin Hoffman is the man so I'll give it a pass.
  175. Green Mile, The - Awsome movie. Tom Hanks is great but Michael Clark Duncan deserved the Oscar. He is a very underrated actor, and he is great in this (as is the limited Sam Rockwell).
  176. Half Baked - Stupid. I really like Dave Chappelle but this didn't work.
  177. Happy Gilmore - It might be my favorite Adam Sandler comedy (not dramedy). It's just a lot of fun, and Happy Madison productions doesn't make movies like this anymore.
  178. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle - The best stoner film of all-time and the second best R-rated comedy (next to Wedding Crashers) of all-time. Just plain fun, and it knows its stupid which is great.
  179. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - First to begin to delve into the adultish feel that the later Harry Potter films had, but it doesn't do it enough with a dark plot, it could've been better. It's still great.
  180. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - The best of the first four. No coincidence that it was the only one to be PG-13. The darker each film gets the more I enjoy it.
  181. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  182. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  183. Head of State
  184. Heavyweights
  185. Hey Arnold!: The Movie
  186. Hide and Seek
  187. Hitch
  188. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The
  189. Holes
  190. Hollywood Homicide
  191. Home Alone
  192. Home Alone 2
  193. Home Alone 3
  194. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
  195. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Fransisco
  196. Horse Feathers
  197. Hostage
  198. Hot Chick, The
  199. Hotel Rwanda
  200. House of D
  201. House of Sand and Fog
  202. Hulk
  203. Hustle & Flow
  204. I Am Sam
  205. I Heart Huckabees
  206. I Robot
  207. I Spy
  208. I Am Sam
  209. Ice Age
  210. In America
  211. In Good Company
  212. Incredibles, The
  213. Independance Day
  214. Insomnia
  215. Inspector Gadget
  216. Interpreter, The
  217. Italian Job, The
  218. Jack
  219. Jakob the Liar
  220. James and the Giant Peach
  221. Jay and Silent Bob
  222. Jerk, The
  223. Jerry Maguire
  224. Joe Dirt
  225. John Q.
  226. Johnny English
  227. Johnson Family Vacation
  228. Jumanji
  229. Junebug
  230. Just Friends
  231. Just Married
  232. K-Pax
  233. Kazaam
  234. Kicking & Screaming
  235. King Kong (2005)
  236. Kinsey
  237. Kramer vs. Kramer
  238. L.A. Confidential
  239. Last Samurai, The
  240. League of Their Own, A
  241. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
  242. Liar Liar
  243. Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The
  244. Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The
  245. Life of David Gale, The
  246. Like Mike
  247. Lilo & Stitch
  248. Lion King, The
  249. Little Nicky
  250. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
  251. Longest Yard, The (2005)
  252. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  253. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  254. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  255. Lost in Translation
  256. Lot Like Love, A
  257. Love Actually
  258. Love Don’t Cost A Thing
  259. M
  260. Madagascar
  261. Maid in Manhattan
  262. Malibu’s Most Wanted
  263. Majestic, The
  264. Man in the Iron Mask, The
  265. Man on Fire
  266. Man on the Moon
  267. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
  268. Match Point
  269. Matchstick Men
  270. Matrix Reloaded, The
  271. Matrix Revolutions, The
  272. Me, Myself, & Irene
  273. Mean Creek
  274. Mean Girls
  275. Meet the Fockers
  276. Meet the Parents
  277. Melinda and Melinda
  278. Memento
  279. Men In Black
  280. Million Dollar Baby
  281. Minority Report
  282. Miracle
  283. Miss Congeniality
  284. Monsters, Inc.
  285. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  286. Monty Python and the Meaning of Life
  287. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  288. Mr. 3000
  289. Mr. Deeds
  290. Mrs. Doubtfire
  291. Munich
  292. My Boss’ Daughter
  293. Mystery, Alaska
  294. Mystic River
  295. Na Cidade Vazia (Hollow City)
  296. Napoleon Dynamite
  297. National Security
  298. National Treasure
  299. New Guy, The
  300. New York Minute
  301. Night at the Opera, A
  302. Nightmare Before Christmas
  303. Nine Months
  304. Noises Off
  305. Not Another Teen Movie
  306. O Brother, Where Art Thou
  307. Ocean’s Eleven
  308. Ocean’s Twelve
  309. Office Space
  310. Old School
  311. Oliver & Company
  312. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  313. One Hour Photo
  314. Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them, The
  315. Parent Trap, The (1998)
  316. Patriot Games
  317. Perfect Score, The
  318. Phone Booth
  319. Pi
  320. The Pianist
  321. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  322. Pokemon: The Movie
  323. Pokemon: The Movie 2000
  324. Pokemon 3: The Movie
  325. Polar Express, The
  326. Princess Diaries, The
  327. Proof
  328. Psycho (1998)
  329. Pulp Fiction
  330. Punch Drunk Love
  331. Radio
  332. Rain Man
  333. Raising Arizona
  334. Rat Race
  335. Ray
  336. Reality Bites
  337. Recess the Movie: School’s Out
  338. Red Eye
  339. Remember the Titans
  340. Replacements, The
  341. Requiem For A Dream
  342. Risky Business
  343. Ritchie Boys, The
  344. Road to El Dorado
  345. Road to Perdition, The
  346. Rookie, The
  347. Rounders
  348. Roxanne
  349. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie – Rugrats II
  350. Rugrats Movie, The
  351. Runaway Jury
  352. Rundown, The
  353. Rush Hour
  354. Rush Hour 2
  355. S.W.A.T.
  356. S1m0ne
  357. Saved!
  358. Saving Silverman
  359. Scary Movie
  360. Scary Movie 2
  361. School of Rock, The
  362. Scooby Doo
  363. Screwed
  364. Se7en
  365. Seabiscut
  366. Sex Monster, The
  367. Shallow Hal
  368. Shanghai Knights
  369. Shanghai Noon
  370. Shaolin Soccer
  371. Shark Tale
  372. Shattered Glass
  373. The Shawshank Redemption
  374. Showtime
  375. Shrek
  376. Shrek 2
  377. Sideways
  378. Sin City
  379. Six Degrees of Seperation
  380. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  381. SLC Punk!
  382. Snow Day
  383. Snow Dogs
  384. So I Married an Axe Murderer
  385. Something’s Gotta Give
  386. Space Jam
  387. Spanglish
  388. Spider-Man
  389. Spider-Man 2
  390. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  391. Spongebob Squarepants Movie
  392. Spy Kids
  393. Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
  394. Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
  395. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
  396. Starsky & Hutch
  397. Stealing Harvard
  398. Steamboy
  399. Sting, The
  400. Striptease
  401. Stuart Little
  402. Stuart Little 2
  403. Stuck On You
  404. Super Size Me
  405. Surviving Christmas
  406. Syriana
  407. Talented Mr. Ripley, The
  408. Take the Lead
  409. Taking Lives
  410. Tarnation
  411. Taxi (2004)
  412. Teacher’s Pet
  413. Terminal, The
  414. Thank You For Smoking
  415. That Darn Cat (1996)
  416. Thirteen
  417. This Boy's Life
  418. Three Kings
  419. Titanic
  420. Toy Story
  421. Toy Story 2
  422. Traffic
  423. Truman Show, The
  424. Turtles Can Fly
  425. Tuxedo, The
  426. Two Much
  427. Two Weeks Notice
  428. Undercover Brother
  429. Unleashed
  430. Usual Suspects, The
  431. V for Vendetta
  432. Van Helsing
  433. Van Wilder
  434. Virgin Suicides, The
  435. Vita bella, La (Life is Beautiful)
  436. Wag the Dog
  437. Walk the Line
  438. Walking Tall
  439. Waterboy, The
  440. Wedding Crashers
  441. Welcome to Mooseport
  442. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
  443. White Chicks
  444. Win a Date with Ted Hamilton!
  445. Wo hu cang long (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
  446. World According to Garp, The
  447. X-Men
  448. X2: X-Men United
  449. Young Frankenstein
  450. Zoolander

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