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Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Review

Get Rich or Die Trying

                Looking at 50 lookin’ down the barrel of that nine, I found myself thinking back. Here, in this lonely Edgewater theatre, surrounded by many entertained poseurs, I found myself lost. With all these thoughts going through my head, I would have gone crazy had I not been able to write my words down. This is my story…of 50’s story.

            Poorly written parodies aside, 50 Cent’s semi-autobiographical motion picture Get Rich or Die Trying resembles my little paragraph in a couple ways: a person’s struggle to do more than the people around him, and a lack of substance. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson plays Marcus “Young Caesar” Jackson, but the viewer care’s as much about who 50 plays as they did when Eminem played B-Rabbit in 8 Mile, not at all. It’s 50 Cent’s story and no amount of character naming can change that. In Get Rich, 50 Cent, aka Marcus Jackson, is an aspiring gangster rapper who has to resort to crime in order to earn a living. The rest doesn’t matter, it’s just a collection of things lifted from 8 Mile (with some slipping through the fingers) and shuffled around to fit 50 Cent’s story. This ultimately becomes the major flaw of GRODT, it is too concerned with attracting a large audience that only cares about seeing 50 in a film labeled as “his story” and it is not concerned enough with actually creating a good movie.

            To the credit of the people behind Get Rich or Die Trying, casting those around 50 Cent was excellent. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Bill Duke are excellent in their roles as Majestic and Levar, but stealing the show as he has done many times this year is Terrence Dashon Howard playing Bama. Although Howard’s slim Oscar hopes will likely rely on his performances as a lead in Hustle & Flow, or as a supporting role in Crash, he deserves praise for this role, and others, which he has been nailing. Unfortunately, a strong supporting cast cannot save a movie of this level.

            The acting cannot be left alone on that positive of a note with the poor performance 50 Cent gave. 50 Cent often seems non-existent in the role and his performance is flat. *****WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS***** Until 50’s character is shot a few times, including once in his mouth, and has trouble speaking, moving, let alone rapping, 50 Cent does nothing of praise. It’s in this one moment that 50 shines, slurring his words and acting physically and emotionally injured, just as one would expect he was in real life. *****END OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS***** With exception for his one shining moment, 50 Cent makes Get Rich or Die Trying a worse film.

            Acting aside, there are many more aspects of this motion picture that make it bad, namely the movie’s flow. Get Rich spends so much time trying to show the viewer a gangsta’s life from childhood to adulthood and by doing so abandons any sort of plot building. Smart when you know your target audience, an audience who likely won’t care, but stupid if you want to make a good movie. And as Get Rich or Die Trying nears is end, it is almost as if the filmmakers said to themselves “We’re already running two hours long, how are we supposed to keep our audience interested?” and then, so fast it could just be a montage of shots, ends what should have been another hour of the movie in fifteen minutes. If you can’t pace a movie correctly, don’t bother to pace it at all, and leave it as one big mess.

            Although most of the cast is strong, 50 Cent is dull and only has one or two shining moments. Major pacing issues lead to a movie that is flawed all over, and that gives Get Rich or Die Trying 4/10.

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