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Backtracking, are we?

1/11/06 - Prepare for the!
Sorry it has been a while since my lest edit and weblog entry, I've been busy, lazy, and most recently sick (missed school today, booyakasha!). Yeah, so I'm writing this to you all feeling terrible, so feel special.
...Oh yeah, the title. As I saw reported on a sports show (go figure), Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to be parents, real parents, not adopted parents. In other words, the world will have to get ready for the world's sexiest baby. Now, I'm not attracted to Brad Pitt, but in the most heterosexual way possible, I recognise he is hot. He is man sexy. But then...A.J. She is very hot. As Hassan was saying a few weeks ago, she shares the same initials with the three hottest people in Hollywood. Herself, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Aniston (I might agree with him, though I can think of a couple more people with other initials who might best them).
Hey everybody, it's awkward transition time. I'm kind of depressed right now. Exams are coming up and I have just been finding it so hard to do any work at all. I finally caught up with all my homework, just to find that I had a new batch that I didn't do in my sickness...but school isn't all of what my depression is about, but it's all you'll least right now.
I don't have much to talk about right now.
Have a day, that's it.
Song of the Moment: Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation
Movie of the Moment: Me, You, and Everyone We Know
Moment of the Moment: Hosting my own Arrested Development marathon on my sick day.


12/29/05 - From Hotel Room 242, it's a WebBlog!
Hello one and all, I'm bringing you a special entry into the webblog, as it is the first, and likely the last webblog entry I'll be entering from the Grand Summit hotel in Attitash, New Hampshire. Well, at least unless I get bored sometime between now and New Year's Day (that's likely). Why Attitash, New Hampshire? Why would I choose this of all places to bring you this grand special webblog? parents told me we're going skiing here and I had little to no choice. So...yeah, here I am, deal with it.
It's the fifth time in my life that I've gone to Attitash, the most out of all ski mountains. It's a nice place and the conditions are great (except for the busy days, anytime past 12:30-1:00, or when it is raining, e.g. right now for the next two-three days).
I went skiing the past two days but today I decided that skiing in the slush wouldn't be fun and decided to sleep a little more and nurse my aching thighs and biceps/triceps/other upper arm muscles. It was relaxing. I read more of my reading assignment for English class, Nicolas Nickelby by Charles Dickens, a book which is about 800 pages long (I read three pages and then put it's very challenging). Then me and some of the family played Remy (card game). We continued with the cards until lunch and then I decided to start making a family tree (don't ask why...wait, how would you ask me?) with the help of the whole family there. By the by, Polish names are really hard to spell. And they're fairly repetitive, too. All the Stefas, Genias, Juleks, Stasias, Boleks, Franeks, Jans, Zbyszeks, Zosias, Januszs, Wojteks, Grazinas, Renatas, Jerzys, Violetkas, Leszeks, Andrzejs, Jadzias, Macieks, Wladeks, Gosias, and's painful. But it was fun (figure that out). After that, some of the family left, while others stayed. Right now it's me, my parents, my cousin Matt and his parents, and my cousin Sarah (who is helping me write this WebBlod, thanks Sarah). We played more Remy and some Poker (Texas Hold 'Em), and after losing $8.75, we started to watch Jarhead (videos on demand in the hotel room). After, it was off to dinner and then back to the hotel to...write this WebBlog. Well, I'm out of things to talk about, at least write now. Seeing as how I've been pretty bored I'll get back to y'all later.
Don't ruffle your horsefeathers, Zach.
Song of the Moment: Offend In Every Way - The White Stripes
Movie of the Moment: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Moment of the Moment: Going so fast on "Howard's Run" that my ski fell off.

12/24/05 - Happy Christmas Eve Day to All!'s 2 in the morning on Christmas Eve day and I am sitting on my Lay-Z-Boy recliner next to Barak (aka B-Money aka B-Mons) who is playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted on my XBOX. Us two Jews (though one may argue just how Jewish I am) are going to be making Christmas cookies for my cousin's Christmas Eve party, but that's going to be after we eventually decide to go to sleep and then wake up, wash up and stuff. Then he goes home and off I am to see Sarah, Kasia, Jasiu (I hope I spelled that correctly), and the whole gang as we gather around the Christmas tree.
It's a fun time of togetherness, and the warmth of family all around is warmer that the fire burning in the fireplace (...or not, 'cause that would be pretty damn hot, and I prefer to not melt). It maybe the greatest time of year...just being surrounded by love ones, the fire, a nice warm dinner, and- oh who the hell am I kidding, ITS ABOUT THE PRESENTS. Don't get me wrong, I like my family, and am very happy to be spending as much time as possible with them, and I feel I spend far too little time with them, but c'mon, unwrapping that brand new XBOX 360 game is such a thrill. Getting that book that you've been dropping hints for for months brings such relief. And the satisfaction of getting a CD chock full of all the great songs that you'll be listening to for the coming days, weeks, months, years even, is just sooo good. And I'm a measly 15-18 hours away from getting material possesions that I will cherish forever (if your definition of forever is until something shinier takes my attention away).
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a material person, I just like things that bring me entertainment. I don't hold those things higher that I hold friends and family, but I'm not going to lie to myself or deny myself these pleasures just to claim that all I want is loved ones.
Happy holidays everyone. Merry Christmas for you Jesus folk out there, Happy Hannakah for those who are still waiting for the mesaih, and to all our other friends...whatever it is you do, do it good.
You want an ending? Here's your damn ending!
Song of the Moment: Pressure Point - The Zutons
Movie of the Moment: The Shawshank Redemption
Moment of the Moment: Barak's 11:39.94 long escape from the cops in Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

12/16/05 - No school you say? Yes, please.
It's almost midnight on a warm (at least for December 16th) evening, and if you don't know what December 16th means, you aren't in my school. Yes, we are finally off, and how strange is it that I'm in my best mood in weeks? Even as we speak, I sway side to side in my spinny-rolling chair while listening to Reel Big Fish and typing...I'm getting dizzy, I'd better stop.
Jazz Rock was today, and it went pretty well. I say this meaning that it was kind of...not really...what's the word...great. Of coarse, if you arent' a musician the mistakes were nearly unnoticeable, but eh, what can you do, what's over is over.
I played on three songs (I wanted a fourth). First was Y.J.'s tune With or Without You (U2), and I played tamborine on that. It was probably the best tune of the entire concert. Seventh in the concert, second for me, was Mags' tune Nothing At All (Santana/Musiq), and I played clave on that. Last, for the show and for me, was Maya's song Best of My Love (Emotions), and that was my only song on set (which I'm a little pissed about). However, it was a great part, and the second best if not the best song of the concert, and a great way to close everthing. It was fun, and gracias a dios that it's least until January 5th.
During Best of My Love, I had a pretty close call. I was positioning one hand too close to the other and I accidentally knocked one drumstick out of one hand with the motion of my other drum stick. I had to scramble in an awkward position to try and reach the drum stick before ruining the song. It's something you have to see, but yeah, I panicked, and I felt really sick. I was very intent on throwing up after that performance.
Not much to talk about right now, oh well.
Santas are real people, too, Zach.
Song of the Moment: Reel Big Fish - Why Can't We Be Friends
Movie of the Moment: Memento
Moment of the Moment: (Three way tie) 1. Jazz Rock 2. "For example, you see a puddle in the road, so you swerve into the puddle to splash the guy on the side of the street. So you hit the puddle, causing your left tire to move slower than your right, and because of circular motion your car spins out and crashes into the guy you were trying to splash, killing him, and you get thrown into jail for the rest of your life." -Mr. Waldstein explaining circular motion 3. "I'm telling you, this is one badass bass guitar." -Santa Gary from my dad's company's Christmas party

12/14/05 - First Post, A Little Depressed
It is currently 12:35 AM on this Wedenesday morning. Early in what has been a long streak of near sleepless nights where I am thankful to get five hours of sleep. What is happening now is that things are building up on me. There are just three school days seperating me from winter break but I'm not sure how I am going to manage what is the final push of all the different subjects.
To be honest, there isn't really too much I have to deal with right now, but sometimes I just get behind and I have trouble keeping up. And if you have trouble avoiding getting behind, then catching up isn't exactly a walk in the park. I have stuff due for science that I don't think I can bring myself to do, some things for Spanish that I don't understand, a Macbeth essay that I've barely started due later today, the beginning to a one-act play for Stage Writing, and it is likely that there is some other stuff I just forgot about and will end up not being able to due.
Worst of all, this is also crunch week for Jazz Rock, where all of those lazy musicians who were to busy doing nothing to show up to any of the rehersals in the first two and a half months of this thing finally show up and expect to be playing all of the good songs while you, being a cowardly idiot who doesn't stand up for himself, lets them take it. I got lucky, I took two lame parts on two great songs (With or Without You and Nothing At All) and a really fun part on what could be the best song, Best of My Love. But Danny and Pete, two of the other Jazz Rock drummers who barely showed up at all, both have three songs as well and have complained a bit about it. The only person with more than three songs is Liam, and he has four. I'm okay with him having them since he has been to one more rehersal than I have (all of them), but still, since this is only his first year and my second I wish that I had more. Oh well.
The point is that Jazz Rock has forced me to be in school until 7:30 on Monday and 6:45 on Tuesday. Jazz Rock and a doctor's appointment will keep me away from home until 7:00 tomorrow and all of this is just frustrating as it is time that I would normally use to try and relax and calm down and maybe get some work done.
I've had a really uncomforatable feeling of recent. It's some kind of mix of anger, frustration, anxiety, nerves, and depression. Point is, I'm too uncomfortable to do anything productive. I have two Spectrum articles and Frankenstien reading that I didn't mention above, and all of these things just seem to annoying to even start.
To top everything off, my computer is spazzing and won't stay on for more than about an hour and a half without overheating and turning off, becoming unusable for the next 30-45 minutes. So even if I felt I could do work, I don't think it would be very successful.
I don't know where this was supposed to go...I'm just upset right now. I got to do something about this damn Macbeth essay. Whatever.
Ten Xs and one O, Zach.
Song of the Moment: Under Pressure - Queen
Movie of the Moment: Crash
Moment of the Moment: "Y'know, we have a little saying here in Massachusettes...maybe some day you will get terribly sick and die...until then..." - Alan Shore (James Spader) saying goodbye from the T.V. Show Boston Legal

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